A.Edition - 2011年7月推荐曲目

A.Edition - 2011年7月推荐曲目


A.Edition - 2011年7月的推荐曲目已经出炉,如下:

1.Are You Ready? - Fatty Gets A Stylist
2.Best Friend - Amy Winehouse
3.Give Me a Try(feat. Sizzla) - Rihanna
4.Going Home - Sophie Zelmani
5.Heaven N Earth - Kelly Rowland
6.Help Yourself - Amy Winehouse
7.Intro Stronger Than Me - Amy Winehouse
8.Lady Jane - mika
9.Lost Boys Calling - Roger Waters
10.One Tribe - Black Eyed Peas
11.Painted Eyes - Hercules And Love Affair
12.Rolling in the Deep - Adele
13.Sunshine - Gabrielle
14.Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
15.The Cold Sunrise - Acoustic Pleasure
16.The Devil's In The Details - Fatty Gets A Stylist
17.The Hop - Radio Citizen
18.The Saltwater Room - Owl City
19.The Tiger Inside Will Eat The Child - Fatty Gets A Stylist
20.The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas
21.Unrestrained Wind - RAUJIKA
22.What Would You Do for Love - Kevin Hammond
23.You Got The World - Fatty Gets A Stylist



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